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The 901 Collection is a mechanical timepiece. The dial is cut directly from a salvaged, air-cooled Porsche 911 meaning every single timepiece is visibly unique and born with a story.

DescriptionDanish Design.Limited to 956 pieces.The 901-01 is a limited edition timepiece made from salvaged aircooled-era Porsche 911’s.Each 901 timepiece features the VIN and production year of the repurposed vehicle on the left side of the case, and comes with its own storycard which includes an in-depth history of the specific car from which your watch is made.Every dial is unique and bears its own marks and imperfections, which means that no two 901’s will ever look exactly identical.The “901” name traces its origins back to the very beginnings of the Porsche 911. The model was originally introduced in 1964 as the Porsche “901”, however Peugeot objected to the use of any three-digit number featuring a “0” in the middle. Porsche’s answer was to replace the zero with a “1”, and the 911 name was born.On the wrist, the 901 combines a one-of-a-kind rounded case with short lugs and a flexible double calf leather strap for exceptional comfort.

901-01 REC WATCH

SKU: 901-01

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