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Presenting 17 international customisers and their interpretations of the BMW R nineT, Soul Fuel reveals a new approach to customising.

A custom bike is, above all: unique. The subculture of the custom bike community and its trends are of major importance, not only for the motorcycle's hardware, but also for the software associated with the lifestyle. Customisers deliberately reject a digitised and perfected world with something handmade and raw - a kick start for the imagination of all free spirits.

With the market launch of the BMW R nineT in 2013, the unique Soul Fuel project started in earnest. Over the course of the nascent cooperation, the first selected customisers received an R nineT, which they were able to remodel and modify pursuant to their own vision. To date, 17 customisers have created fascinating customisations of the R nineT through Soul Fuel. Five additional projects are to follow in 2018.

Introducing the bikes completed to date, the book Soul Fuel is an homage to the "customising attitude" towards life. When we take a look into the workshops of the most innovative customisers, we can virtually smell and hear the welding equipment. We experience the creative process that emerges from custom bikes made on the basis of the R nineT. With full passion and dedication, Blitz Motorcycles, 46 Works, El Solitario, and others create exceptional interpretations of an exceptional machine.

As unique and customised as the machines it presents, Soul Fuel boasts incredible graphics, layout, and fascinating portraits of the customisers in one innovative, impressively-designed book.

Book Features:

  • This book makes palpable the spirit of bike customising: Soul Fuel delivers fuel for the souls of fans and connoisseurs and inspires all those interested; it provides a fascinating entry to the subject of motorcycling.



Soul Fuel - BMW R Nine T Customizers book


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