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o celebrate PAC-MAN's 40th anniversary, First 4 Figures presents the first PVC collectible dedicated to this license.
To pay homage to PAC-MAN's beloved classic design, the original labyrinth has been recreated in 3D form thanks to the infinite mirror effect base!
The four strips of blue LED light at each corner represent the walls of the labyrinth and the single LED light in the center, thanks to the multiple mirror, gives life to an optical illusion that recreates the trail of yellow tablets that Pac-man is fond of. The base itself takes up the design of the labyrinth.
The PAC-MAN figurine can be manually rotated forward or towards the mirror ... as if it were about to eat pills in the labyrinth !.

Pac-Man 7" PVC Statue

SKU: 5060316623206

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